What You Should Do When You Have Smoke Damage

Things to Worry About if You Do Not Remove Smoke Damage From Your Business

In many instances, a fire within a business can be easily contained. That means the damage is minimal, right? Not so fast. When a fire breaks out, even if the soot and charred remains are contained, it does not mean the area is safe. The remaining smoke residue cannot simply be painted over and left. It needs to be removed as well. Here are things you need to know about the danger of leaving smoke damage behind.

Smoke Damage Leaves Irritants in the Air

When smoke is released into the air from a fire, it is a mixture of irritants and particles that came from the specific items being burned. Those particles then adhere to every surface, both exposed and closed off, in the building and remain there until disturbed. Whenever someone walks past, it slowly releases those particles back into the air. Those particles make their way into the lungs and cause irritation.

Painting over the particles does not remove them from the area. It simply puts a coat over them which will wear down over time, releasing the same particles in the air. By not taking the smoke damage out of the business, it exposes you, your employees, your customers, and your clients to problems like:

  • Asthma: This ailment stems directly from lung irritation. It can be a problem someone faces now and again, or it can become a chronic issue that needs consistent monitoring.
  • Chronic Bronchitis: This is when the tubes that lead into the lungs, known as bronchial tubes, become inflamed and cause pain, a cough, and wheezing. Having chronic bronchitis is not the same as getting sick with bronchitis. It is a chronic ailment that gets worse over time and can lead to a person struggling with emphysema.
  • Emphysema: This is an ailment that breaks apart the inner lining of the lungs. Once the sacs within the lungs break, they are gone. This limits how much oxygen the lungs can absorb, plus it makes breathing more difficult.

Smoke Also Hurts Other Parts of the Body

Your lungs are not the only part of the body affected by the smoke residue left behind. It can also harm the eyes by causing constant irritation, dry eye, and even itchiness that does not want to go away. Plus, your skin is also affected when smoke residue is left after a fire. It dries out the skin and it can lead to cracked skin, looking and feeling very much like eczema.


Never leave smoke residue behind after a fire. It is harmful, plus it can continue to cause problems for years to come if it is not cleaned up. Instead of ignoring the problem, turn to an experienced commercial fire mitigation company like Water Restoration. We know how to come out, remove all the residue from the building, and get it back to being a safe place to conduct business. You and the people who make your business what it is are worth the time and effort it takes.

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