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  • Why would I choose a coating over a re-roofing?

    Coating a roof will cost about 65% less than reroofing.

  • What are the benefits of a roof coating?

    Roof coatings are energy efficient – which will save you money on utility expenses. Coatings are wind, fire and hail resistant.

  • Are roof coatings environmentally friendly?

    They are! There isn’t any tear off waste, which would end up in a landfill.

  • What are additional benefits to a building owner?

    Our coating help building owners achieve LEED certification and other environmentally sustainable programs.

  • Do roof coatings generally need permits?

    Typically, no – because coating a roof will not affect anything structural.

  • Do roof coatings have a warranty?

    Yes – between ten and twenty years.

  • Are the warranties pro-rated?

    No, our warranty is a full warranty from the manufacturer.  Our warranty is covered 100% for the entire term of the warranty.  However, most re-roofs are pro-rated warranties and the actual value of the warranty reduces over time.

  • Is the warranty transferable to a new business owner?


  • How often should I coat my roof?

    Typically a coating will last around 10 years.

  • What is roofing muck?

    This is a cement that is used as a patching material for leaks and holes in the roofing material.

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