Metal Roof Installation

Metal roofing is the longest lasting roof material available today. Metal roof installation cost the most but it pays for its self in time. Being the longest lasting roofing material, it's worth the extra up front cost. It stands up to all kinds of inclement weather, animals, and foot traffic.

Is it cheaper to get a metal roof or shingles?

Shingle roofs cost less than metal roofs however, the longevity of a metal roof is much longer. Metal roofs may cost between $120-$900/100 square feet vs shingles that may cost $100-$200/100 square feet. It takes a specialist to install a metal roof so the installation is also more expensive when compared to shingles. Keep in mind, the installation frequency for a metal roof is much less than a shingle roof which is damaged easily. 

How long does a metal roof last on a house on a commercial building?

Copper and zinc roofs can last up to a hundred years, aluminum or steel can last for 50+ years!

What are the potential disadvantages of a metal roof?

  • Cost

    Cost (these roofs can cost 2-3x more than other roofing materials) but the frequency of installation is much less. 

  • Noisiness

    Noisiness during heavy rain or hailstorms, but this can be prevented by adding more underlayment during installation.

  • Color Mismatching

    If repairs are needed, it may be difficult to do an exact color match.

  • Water Accumulation

    If there is water accumulation due to poor installation, it can cause serious damages to the roof over time. Using high-quality materials and adding more insulation can prevent this issue.

Can you put a metal roof over shingles?

If local building codes allow it you may install a metal roof over your shingles. However, it may trap water vapor between the two layers and cause moisture to build up. This may result in mold or rot. To prevent this from happening, your roofers need to install a vented metal roof or place the metal roof over furring strips. The furring strips will create a gap between the old and new roof.

Are metal roofs noisy?

In most cases, the metal roof is less noisy than a shingle roof. A good roofing contractor will install an underlayment that reduces noise. No roof is silent during a heavy rain or hail storm, however. More underlayment will help but is an additional cost.

3 thoughts on “Metal Roof Installation”

  1. It’s good to know that metal roofing is extremely durable against harsh weather, wild animals, and foot traffic, and it can last for more than five decades. My husband and I are planning to have the roof of our vacation house replaced because it has been damaged by a severe storm a few days ago. Perhaps it would be a good idea to hire a residential roofing service that can install metal roofing so we’d have a more durable roof over our heads. Thanks a lot!

  2. It’s interesting to learn that metal roofs are less noisy than shingle ones. My brother is wanting to install a metal roof to his warehouse to conserve energy and have it last longer. I’ll be sure to send him this as he looks for a roofing contractor with good prices.

  3. Metal roofs are designed to be long lasting if proper care and maintenance are performed. Remember to continue to maintain your metal roof as this will help you avoid missing a small crack that could lead to a large leak after one hard rain. Metal roof coatings offered by EPDM Coatings can further increase the lifespan of the roofing system. The time spent on the roof is worth the investment as it makes your roof water proof and makes it last longer.

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